At LDI, we believe that having meaning drives effectiveness. When your team understands ‘the why’ behind what they’re doing, you get better results and better outcomes. It’s that simple.

We’ve been in those trenches, and understand what it takes to be an impactful executive, leader and manager, and we’re passionate about helping you grow. We know you have what it takes to help your business stand out from the rest and we have the tools to get you there.

A core competency Lisa and her team embody is that they have worked in the trenches and are sagacious professionals who collectively bring forth expertise in the following areas.

  • Executing an aligned strategy

  • Employing a strategic mindset

  • Strategic planning

  • Organizational alignment

  • Aligning behavior to results

  • Bringing teams together and group dynamics

  • Navigating through conflict

  • Inspiring trust

  • Navigating change initiatives

  • Leveraging strengths in people to become better

  • Building strong organizational cultures

  • Increasing business financial acumen


“I want to tell you “THANK YOU!!!” for helping us get to where we are today. We are a better leaders and mentors to our team because of your guidance.”

Principal / Owner TJK Consulting Engineers, Inc.




Lisa has a passion for life itself and is a lifelong learner! She enjoys intentional time with her family, spending time with her pets, ballroom dance, and an insatiable appetite for reading.

As a professional, Lisa Rios is an expert in organizational leadership, behavior and alignment with a proven track record of successful results. With over 30 years of career experience and over 20,000 collective hours of C-Suite executive 121 coaching and strategic facilitation, Lisa combines her passion with her academic knowledge to assist successful leaders and entrepreneurs pursue both business and personal growth. She focuses leaders on personal self-awareness, recognizing blind spots and shaping organizational culture to be aligned and intentional, with achieving the results that matter. By helping leaders discover what really counts in their lives, they expand their capacity to envision and take action to create the future they desire.





A brief summary of Lisa’s depth and breadth of experience in the non-profit and for-profit private sector comprises of, International Trade within several countries by developing strong business relationships and bridging culture imperatives to achieve common goals and purpose. She has led teams in executing enterprise-wide change initiatives, bringing forth aligned corporate cultures during and post-merger acquisition events. Improved organizational efficiencies through process improvement initiatives; assisted minority-owned business owners secure working capital and or contracts in collaboration with the United States Department of Commerce, MBDA. She designs comprehensive curriculum and executes train the trainer facilitation and programs. Lisa successfully facilitates and assists CEOs, C-Suite Executives and business owners in ascertaining strategic initiatives to align with financial targets, as a result, on average has increased profitability over 200% over previous years.

Lisa’s credentials include an alumni 7-year TEC/Vistage member. Today she continues as a high-performing Vistage International Chair, Master Chair and Chair Excellence Awards recipient. Lisa holds a variety of certifications in leadership, change management, and behavioral assessments. Certified professional in PXT Select recruitment assessments. Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator Certified Professional, Everything DiSC Certified Facilitator, Certified Professional and Facilitator of the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and Award Recipient Year-Over-Year. Certification from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth on Expanding and Growing High Growth Businesses. Bachelor’s Political Science, Emphasis Public Administration; Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Studies and Leadership. Adjunct Professor at California State University San Bernardino School of Business and Entrepreneurship.



David has a passion for music and enjoys practicing the art of music through his guitars. When not exploring musical riffs he is spending quality time with his family and friends.

Professionally, David Mendoza is key to ensuring LDI operations are effective and efficient. As the Director of Operations, David coordinates all client logistics assuring a seamless partnership experience with LDI’s comprehensive suite of services. David is procedurally accurate and ensures all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. Thus, has transitioned highly manual processes into streamlined effective processes leveraging technology. David brings over 15 years of experience in management and leadership roles and brings clarity, innovation and continuous communication with clients. David holds a bachelor’s degree in business management.



Meredith enjoys the outdoors through hiking, trail runs and marathons! She delights in and values quality and intentional time with her family.

Professionally, Meredith Patton is a human resource professional with over 20-years of human resources experience. She is highly focused on driving measurable business results within the areas of strategy, team building, emotional intelligence, communications and coaching. Meredith has worked with small and large organizations and has expertise in enterprise-wide operation’s management. Meredith has a unique ability to connect with others within a team environment and 121 executive coaching sessions as a result achieves extraordinary outcomes. She leverages experience and expertise in areas of behavioral assessments, facilitating executive assimilations, change leadership, change management, team facilitation and talent acquisition. Meredith has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, DiSC Certified Facilitator, Certified Professional in the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and holds numerous business development certifications providing her the tools to deliver quality services and resources to clients



Jo enjoys playing tennis and when she is not on the court, she experiments in the kitchen formulating culinary creations. Jo appreciates life‘s special moments with her husband and children.

As a professional, Jo Lynne Russo-Pereyra has over 30-years of experience in managing high-performance teams for exceptional results in the public sector. Her strengths are in the areas of organizational development and structure, creating viable organizational cultures, employee engagement and ensuring that organizations are operating at their highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. She is a Senior Certified Professional with the Society of Human Resource Management, Everything DiSC Certified Facilitator, and has a Master of Arts Degree, in Public Policy and Administration. She is a staff instructor at the University of California Riverside, Extension where she shares her expertise with students on leadership, change management, human resource management and organizational development.



Gary has a passion for playing the drums, reading and the study of theology; his bedrock is his love for his family and friends.

As a professional, Gary has a unique skill set which has evolved from his experience as a graphic designer, copywriter, and having a 20+ year career as a marketing director, developing and implementing strategic marketing plans. Gary’s has a proven track record to build brand awareness, promote a company’s image, resulting in increased sales and revenue. Additionally, Gary has led cross-departmental teams in the design, development, and full-scale market launch of products. At LDI Gary works with clients to develop, assess, and analyze organizational team assessments, in addition to providing graphic design and technical support to the LDI team. Gary is Everything DiSC Certified Facilitator, and holds a Bachelor’s from California Polytechnical University, Pomona.

LDI is amazing with encouragement and belief in others, whom are challenged with their abilities to excel in the business world. They are focused, approachable, genuine and nonjudgmental. Lisa’s strength is admirable, and she continues to accept the world of all possibilities. She does not give up on her clients even when the other person is trying to!

CEO, Artesia Sawdust

Accountability is huge, everybody knows what they must do and LDI has brought that accountability to us and we hold each other accountable as a team.

President, Columbia Steel, Inc.

LDI has helped us to understand what constructive conflict is and really brought trust to the team and work through our issues, especially when we have different opinions.

CEO, Boudreau Pipeline Corporation


You need coaches who are intuitive about interpersonal dynamics and listen to both verbal and non verbal communication. But the most important thing you need is a coach you can trust. Ask our clients and they’ll tell you that LDI is built on relationships of trust. Find out for yourself.